The magic of Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is simply the process of getting your webpages and content online via search engines such as google. Sold very much by many as some strange magical process, that only a small amount of people can implement.

Truth is, it is quite a simple process. The difficult bit (for some) is creating the content to put on a web page or blog.

Google searches are usually questions

75% of the searches on google are questions such as ‘how do I’?, ‘where is’? and ‘what is?’ etc. If you were purchasing a drill for general use in the home would you be searching for ‘Bosch Keyless 230V Corded Drill Driver, Type F - Schuko plug’ or ‘best drill available for home use? Unless you were a drill expert you would be searching for the latter.

So, there is the magic, write for the end user. They search, they find. Having a home page, about me page and a contact page is just going to get lost in all the clutter of webpages you are competing with. Add a blog and this gives you the power to reach out to people, answer questions they need answers too and then you can direct them to your products and services.


How often should I blog?

Don’t think writing one blog every now and then will raise you up to page one of google, it won’t. write one every two weeks and you will cover more ground write two a week and cover even more ground, even quicker.

To put it simply, if you owned a shop you can sell to the local area. If you buy a second elsewhere you can reach more people, a third even more and so on.

Creating lots of good content and posting to your blog will only do you good. You are the expert, it’s what you do, so write. If like me, you are terrible at grammar and spelling get someone to check it. If you can’t find anyone read it out allowed. You will pick up on more mistakes that way.


How do I add a blog to my website?

If you are using a website designer or developer give them a call and ask them to add it for you. It is quick a simple task to create. You can also learn how to add your own blogs to your website, without having to hassle the web person each week to add your new creation. Plus, you don’t get billed each time.

If you are using WordPress it’s built in,  I personally think is the best platform for blogs and websites.


What should my blog include?

Other than good content, it needs a good headline. ‘home drills’ is a cr*p title ’10 awesome drills for home use’ would be far better.

Find a good image to head up your blog creation. People stop and look at pictures, so find something that is going to attract the reader.


Inbound links, that’s links to web pages on your website. So, if you mention ‘website design services’ link that to your website design page. (see what I did there?).

Outbound links, that’s links to sites outside your website. If I mention a ‘great hosting company‘, I can link that phrase. (see I did it again).


If it is a long blog post add an index at the top, like the one at the start of this post It gives the user the ability to click down to the information they want.

Drop in a few images (where needed) or even an infographic. People love infographics.


Invitation for feedback on your blog

You will notice the comments box at the bottom of this blog post, always ask ‘what do you think about xyz, please comment below’ or something similar. Viewers are more likely to comment if you invite them too.


Something to help you optimise your website

If you are a WordPress user you can add a plugin called Yoast, a free tool that uses a traffic light system to help you optimise your page. If you are using another system search google for ‘Website SEO tools’ you may find one compatible with your website.

yoast SEO
Yoast a free SEO tool for your website.


Geeky bit

One thing you should know about is H1, H2, H3 tags. They go from 1-6 but I personally never use anything past 3.

H1 is your main title, the title of your blog piece. A H2 is the second most important. H3’s follow that but try and use a H tag that includes a word or phrase to do with your topic. I’m using words such as SEO, blog, optimise, website etc in my headings. All the words are around the subject I am writing about.

And one last thing, write around 300-500 words at least, more if possible. Google loves content, readers love content.


If you have a any questions or comments, please let me know below.


Main image by; Vinicius Fotografia

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