Should I add a blog to my small business website?

small business blog

In a nutshell YES! According to websites to have a blog have 434% more indexed pages and have 97% more links to their websites.

But why do so many shy away from this powerful marketing tool? I hear from lots of small business ‘I don’t have the time’, ‘I don’t have anything to write about’ or ‘everything has already been written about’.

That’s just bull s*t.

If your website is not generating leads or selling products it isn’t working. Your small business website can be beautifully designed, fast loading and connected to your social media. But if you are not driving traffic to it, it’s pointless. A bit like opening an ice cream shop in the middle of the Sahara dessert.

Blogging is the one thing you can do for your business that will drive traffic to your website. It not only informs, educates and entertains, it will create brand awareness, engagement and leads to your services and products.

I was told, if you can’t write about your industry or products, you are in the wrong job.


Everything has already been blogged about

Maybe, but not by you. Do a search for ‘Should I add a blog to my small business website’ and you will see google produce 2,830,000,000 results – but out of all of the results you are reading this one.


What should I blog about?

Think about what consumers or businesses will be searching for. A majority of google searches are questions, just think how you search. Unless you are looking for a specific product such a ‘Apple mac book pro 2.6GHz 6-Core Processor’ you we most likely search for ‘best apple laptop’ or you may be looking for ‘what is the best drill for home use’.

We blog so people can find answers, answers to questions. You want to give your customers the answers to these questions so that they find you.

As a digital designer I create websites, design for print and digital marketing. I create blogs around these subjects. Anything from how to use a Facebook business page to how much will a small business website cost.

If you are a small DIY supplier, you could be writing reviews on products or DIY tips. You could even be producing video content via your phone. Create links from related words to your products or services and add call to actions.


Posting on social media

The great thing about blogs is that you are also creating content you can share on social media. I share a blog approximately four times on Facebook by changing the lead in text each time. Just think, if you produce one blog per week, that could create sixteen pieces of content for you to post in one month. That’s 192 posts per year.


Producing more content helps customers find you

Grow your website and give yourself more chance of being found by creating content. I was told think of the internet as land and a blog piece as a house. The more houses you build, the more land you cover.

If you would like to know more about blogs, websites or any other aspect of my services send over a message or contact us via Facebook.

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