Professionally design or DIY your website?

DIY tools

. ItWhile there isn’t anything wrong with building a DIY website, should you attempt to do this without researching the task properly? Would you feel confident enough to restyle somebody’s hair after watching a few Youtube tutorials?

A website houses your products and services, and it is the online home of your business. Professionally built homes cost more than DIY houses and creating the right impression with your website will create the right impression of your business.

A website requires clear and proportional spacing of images and text. Dropping text and images into boxes on a templated site isn’t as easy as it seems. Is your business a ‘drag and drop’ templated business, or is it a professional service?


DIY Website, not as affordable as it seems

DIY website self builds may not be an affordable as they seem.  Websites once built need to sit somewhere, this is called hosting. Hosting cost can start off very low to entice customers but there maybe hidden costs involved. How much of your time will be spent creating your website? Add up the time you are using to learn SEO (search engine optimisation) to drive traffic to your website. Creating listings, backlinks, touchpoints and much more, all the skills needed to create a website that will engage customers to your business.


No SEO, no go

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and this is how your website will be found. SEO is a constant task and getting your business high up on search engines. It can be difficult or near impossible if you do not know how to do this. Once there, you need to keep it there or your website could drop off the top listings making it harder to be found. Research is required to do this, and SEO isn’t something included within website hosting charges. If you are looking for something specific online, how many pages of Google listings will you look at before you move on to a site which grabs your attention?  This is SEO.


Speculate to accumulate

A well known phrase, and an important one to remember if you want to make money as a business you need to first spend money. If your business involves selling goods or services, you would have had to firstly pay your supplier or your training organisation to even consider being able to start a business.

‘When I have made some money, I will invest in a website’, and ‘I can’t afford a website right now, so this DIY website is ok for now’ are two of the commonly heard paraphrases from small businesses. The purposes of a website are to showcase, inform, create awareness, educate and to sell. If your website doesn’t attract visitors to it due to the design, build or functionality, how can you make any money from your business?


Mobile friendly

What device are you reading this blog article on? Is it your computer, tablet or mobile phone? your website needs to be mobile friendly, whether you have had a professionally designed website, or you have created your own. It needs to load and run fast to prevent visitors from going away from your site and visiting similar businesses. The links should be easy to click, and it should look professional when viewed on a phone or tablet as it would from a computer screen.


The need for speed

A chunky slow website costs valuable traffic. How many times have you gone elsewhere because the site is taking a while to load? We are in the age of quick answers, quick payments and fast service so your website should deliver that too. Check how fast your website loads using googles free tools.


Annual check ups and regular services

It is always wise that you maintaine your website including adding new content, text and images. Websites are live and as a live business tool they need to portray current and available products and services. How unprofessional will it look if old prices, incorrect information or unavailable products aren’t removed from a site? Keep it serviced, keep it relevant.

Do you want to know:  if your website is costing you valuble clients?

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