Learn how to create titles and meta descriptions in WordPress

Learn how to create meta descriptions and titles easily on your WordPress website.

Meta descriptions will not help your websites position on google. But don’t just leave it, it can improve your click through rate. Always fill out your page description to help the end user know what you are offering.


Title tags and meta descriptions – what they are

Meta descriptions are a paragraph of text made up of no more than 320 characters that gives the google viewer a short explanation of what your page is all about.

The title tag is the title of your page


Example below:

The importance of titles and meta descriptions.

As meta descriptions don’t help your rankings, why bother? Well, they won’t help you rank but they will appear just below your google listing, it’s your last chance to encourage the user to hit your link. It should always include your keyword; it will appear bold when your listing appears.

We now know why we should use meta descriptions and titles but how can you change them on your WordPress website.

How to add or change your titles and meta descriptions in WordPress

WordPress has a great plugin called Yoast SEO, it the most popular SEO plugin around as it is lightweight (you don’t want a slow website) and very easy to use.

If you are new to WordPress, login to the admin panel on your website and click plugins> add new and search for Yoast SEO. Install and activate the plugin and you are set.

Go to any post or page in edit mode and scroll down the page until you see the following:

titles and meta descriptions

You can now see you can edit your title in the area labelled SEO title. Keep the title relevant and interesting, remember you want the end user to click on it. Yoast automaticly creates this from your page title saving you a job.

A title like ‘home page’ is not going to tell the user much about your page. ‘WOW Creative media | Web designer in Yorkshire’ tells the user who I am, what the page is about and where I am.

Click ‘Meta description ‘area and this will allow you add a meta description. One of the many great things about Yoast is it’s progress bar. When you get to green, you are good to go.


Writing your meta description

You can hire a professional copywriter to produce you some great headlines and descriptions. Most small business don’t have the option to outsource this, if you are one of these businesses here are a few tips to help you along the way.


The call to action

The meta description is a call to action, it’s telling the user what to expect when they click on your link.

Your meta descriptions should include verbs such as ‘Learn’, ‘read’ or ‘discover’.

For this page we are using ‘Learn how to create Titles and meta descriptions…..’


Answer the question

Most users are searching by asking a question, so tell the user what information they will see when they click your link. If you searched for ‘what are meta descriptions’ or ‘how do I create meta descriptions’, you would have seen that the meta description for this page gave a brief explanation to let you know that you were in the right place.

Add an inaccurate description and the user will immediately leave the website after clicking your link. This creates what is called ‘bounce rate’ where a user click away from your webpage pretty quickly. This will affect your rankings.

Tell your user what they can expect when they click your link. If they’ve asked a question, you can imagine the frustration if your page is not the answer!


Want to know more?

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