Install Google Search Console on a WordPress Website

If you have spent time on your website SEO, you will want to install Google Search Console. This will give you the tools to make sure that google is indexing your pages to appear in its search listings.

By adding your website to googles search console, you have an overview of your website’s performance, and you can measure your sites search traffic. It will let you know of any errors such as pages that have not been indexed. Giving you’re the chance to put them right.

You can also add a site map of all your websites pages. The site map will automatically tell google of any new pages you add. Keeping google updated of any new pages or blogs you create.


How to install Google Search Console to your website

Google Search Console a free service that will help you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in googles index. It will let you know that Google is crawling your site and finding your pages. You will also be able to request indexing of any new pages it has not added to its index.

WordPress has many plugins that help you add your website to it search console, without having to know code. A simple process that can take around just 10 minutes of your time.


Let’s start with adding the necessary plugins to your website.

Firstly, go you your WordPress website and login into the admin console.

Go to ‘plugin’s > ‘add new.’

Search for ‘Headers and footers’ and install the plugin.


Next, go to Google Search Console and sign in with your Gmail account.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, it’s free to create one. Just go to Gmail and sign up.


After you have signed in to Google Search Console you need to add a property, this is your website address (example: You will have two choices – Domain or URL prefix. The simple way is to use ‘URL Prefix’.

You can use ‘Domain’ but you will need access to your domain name control panel and figure out how to add a DNS record. If like most, you will be in the ‘no thanks’ camp.

Stick with URL Prefix!


After you have added your domain and pressed ‘continue’ you will see the following screen.

Google Search Console

Click on ‘HTML’ tag. Copy this code and keep it safe.

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Insert Headers and Footers’ This located in the bar on the left-hand side. Add the code snippet you copied earlier into the ‘Head Section’ and save.

Now go back to Google Search Console and press verify under the HTML tags section.

Your site is now verified!


Adding site maps

If you have YOAST SEO installed, you will have site maps readily available. Yoast SEO is another great plugin that will help you optimise your pages for google and other search engines. If you don’t have it search for YOAST SEO on your WordPress dashboard.

Login to your WordPress website and go to Yoast SEO > General > Features and scroll down to XML site maps.

You will see a (?) Click on the icon and it will open you ready made site map.

Now copy the link name after the / after your domain name and paste the text into your google console.

Do this for each link

Google should now add any new pages or posts you create to its indexing.


Google Analytics

Another great free tool from google that allows you to measure your website traffic. It also gives you insights on what pages are popular and the one that are not. Age and gender demographics, time users spend viewing your website and much more.

Using the data, you can improve your website and help gain more traffic and sales.

How to install google analytics onto your WordPress website

You will be creating your property in google analytics and adding a snippet of code in the ‘Headers and Footers’ plugin on your WordPress website.

Firstly, go to Login if you are not already with your Gmail account.

When logged in go to ‘Admin’ at the bottom left of the screen – click on the gear shaped icon.

You will now see the following:

Firstly ‘create and account’, give it a name.

Click ‘next.’

Now add a ‘property name’ and click next.

You will have the option to fill out a bit of information such as size of organisation and what you want to use analytics for. Click what’s relevant.

Click Create.

And accept the terms

You will now get a choice [Web] [ App]  [IOS]

You will want to choose ‘Web.’

Add your website address. You get a choice of https:// or http://. Your website should be https://

(if it is not ask your website hosting company or website designer to make it so. Having a https website is now a ranking factor on Google.)

Now click ‘create stream

Click ‘global site tag

This will give you the code you need to add into your headers and footers on your WordPress website. Just add it after the code you added earlier, and press save

You now have Google analytics set up on your website!


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