How to use a Facebook business page: A layman’s explanation

When creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy, brands must first understand who is on the platform and how they’re using it. It is one of the oldest and most popular social networks, with approximatly 2.8 billion monthly active users.

Facebook demographics by countries

So what age groups and countries make up the billions of users?


Facebook Demographics


  • 19.3% were male between 25 and 34 years old
  • 13.1% female between 25 and 34 years old
  • 72.8% are between 18–44 years old
  • The United Kingdom is the 12th popular users with upto 38 million of the overall count.
  • 79.9% of users only use mobile, so when you post make sure it looks good on your hand held device!

It is one of the most popular social media platforms for not only the consumer, but also for a business. Good to know, but what if you are a business that struggles on how you should use the platform?

A common question I get asked is “ok, I need to be on this, but have no idea what it is about, or what I should be doing with it”.


Setting up your Facebook Business Page

First of all go to to create your page. Make sure you are logged in to your personal account first.

You will now see two options: “Business or Brand” and “Community and Public Figure”. As you are creating a Business Facebook Page , click on “Get Started” under the “Business or Brand” box.


create a business facebook page


There will be a few fields to fill in:

  • Page Name
  • Categories
  • Address
  • Phone number

You can change the category later on if you need to. But I would decide on your page name at the start, it can, or has been in the past a nightmare to change later.


Add a profile picture and cover (banner)

Facebook will ask you to upload a profile photo and cover (banner) photo. Size your profile picture before uploading and make it 170 x 170 pixels. Facebook will dispay the image in a circular shape.

Your cover photo should be sized at 1200 x 675 pixels. It appeaes at the top of your page, so use it for dispalying your brand or an important message. Also take into consideration that it will display differently on mobile. You can right click and download my banner below and use it for sizing.

Creating your Cover Picture

You can create your own cover or use a Graphic Designer to create one for you. If you decide to create one yourself Canva is a great tool and also comes with pre-made templates you can tweak to fit your brand and style.

Now you have uploaded your Facebook profile photo and header photo, you will be taken to your newly created page. Here is mine:

You do get the option to move your header image around. If it does not fit how you expect you can also hit ‘edit’ on the picture to uploaded a new one. You will alo get the option to creae a slide show of banners!


Complete your Page Information

There are a few things you will need to fil out:

  • Description – This displays what your page is about.  You can use upto 155 characters.
  • Categories – Choose up to three categories to help people find your Page.
  • Contact information – Your business phone number, email address and website URL.
  • Location – If you have a bricks and mortar store, add and share your address here.
  • Hours – Your opening hours of business.

The About tab on your Facebook Page will display these details. You have the option too  add more information, like your business story, menu’s, awards etc.


A quck tip!

Create a memorable username for your page. You will get a customised URL by clicking on ‘Edit Page Info’ on the left hand side.

You can then share this easily with others to find your Business Page. Mine is



How to use a Facebook business page in simple terms

Now you have set up your page, you will need to start using it. But how do you use your page?

To put Facebook into simple terms it is being social; speaking to new people but online. We all know in business we have to network, and pre pandemic you were probably popping along to a business networking event where you would share ideas, start conversations, meet new people and form new relationships with other businesses.

As the busines relationship continues, you will continue to talk and speak about gains and problems along the line. The conversation continues with you sharing your knowledge with other business owners, in return their share theirs with you.

Facebook is the same principle.

It is like meeting friends in the pub

Let’s think of Facebook like meeting new people down at your favourite pub, The Red Lion.

If you walked in and started talking about yourself for an hour, telling people what you did or what you do, they will pretty much switch off and go off to the George and Dragon.

If you talk about something of interest to them such as a TV programme, a film, a book you have read, or the latest deal in the local supermarket, they will take more interest. They may start a conversation or move on to other subjects of interest. Next thing you know, The Red Lion calls time and you exchange details to meet up again.

If you talk about a subject, they reply and you just stand there and don’t respond, off they go to The George and Dragon and talk to someone else.

How to use a Facebook business page


Facebook, it’s social thing

It’s in the name of the type of platform. ‘social’. It’s a social thing.

If you post continually about your services and products your page just becomes uninteresting; it becomes just sell, sell, sell. If you don’t respond to comments you are doing the same as ignoring a reply from someone in the pub. It’s a bit, well, ignorant.


Post interesting, relevant content on your blog

The modern consumer wants more, they need to be seeing interesting content they can relate to, comment on like and share. This is where the TV programme, film or book comes in. This doesn’t mean you should post about books, films or TV programmes (unless of course it is relevant), but you should post about relevant information based around your business.

I’m a graphic designer and a website designer for SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises). As so, I could post about useful free online accounting software for the sole trader, or like I have with this blog ‘How to use a Facebook business page’. Posting content about a website to find free quality images you can use on your social media and websites is also useful to those who follow my accounts.  I’m giving my target market information which can be used and shared with other SME’s gaining me likes to my social media.

Yes, you may have an amazing product or service you think everyone should have, but what if they don’t understand what it is, or what it is about? What if they do not realise, they need it?


Users ask questions, so answer them

Facebook gives you the power to entertain, educate and gain you trust.

Find information that relates to your business, services or products. 75% of internet users search asking questions such as, what is, how do I, where can I get? Sharing directed useful content is a form of answering questions, educating followers on the subject, creating awareness of the product and services. This may lead to others who see posts to like your page, share the content and comment.

80% interest, 20% selling, a good mix of content. You have gained your target audience by giving them useful content, then you have given them a solution to a problem.

By posting information that is relevant to your target market is a win win situation. You are marketing your products or services to people who are most likely to buy from you. Saving you time and money connecting with consumers and business that will never be interested.

If you would loke to know more about how to use a Facebook business page and get the best from your social media get in touch

Let me know your thoughts below.

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