How do I like a Facebook business page from my own?

Liking, sharing and commenting on business pages is all part of your digital marketing strategy. It is what social is all about. But how do you like a Facebook business page from your own?

When commenting on business pages as yourself you are commenting as your personal profile and not your brand. We want our businesses to have more reach with potential audiences. So, commenting as your Facebook brand page is the more sensible option.

But how do I like, comment and share on a Facebook business page from my own?

When you know how, it’s simple.

But first a few things to consider.

Never use commenting as your own business to blatantly promote your own products or services on another businesses page. You will most probably get blocked and how would you like someone spamming your page with their products or services.

It’s social so comment, like and share relevant posts to your page that your customers will find useful. Your customers will thank you for doing this. When you share, make your own introduction to the post.

Get your content shared by relevant businesses

Sharing posts from other relevant businesses (not direct competition!) can lead to your content being shared by other businesses.

Sharing your content with their audience and exposing your services to a wider audience.

Each day find a few relevant businesses and like their pages. Comment, like and share on a daily basis.

How to like a Facebook business page from my business page

  • Find a revant page you want to follow
  • Click on the three dots on the right
  • Select ‘like as my page’
  • Go to the page you now like
  • Make a comment as your page

Search and find a relevant business and go to their profile. On the right of the page click on the three dots …

facebook business page


On the dropdown select ‘like as your page’.

like a Facebook business page


Now go back to your business Facebook page. On the right-hand side click on ‘News feed’. This is where you will find all the pages you ‘like’.

Facebook newfeed


You will see your Facebook business page icon instead of your personal page icon in the comments option.

lcommenting on a page as your business

Now you can like, comment and share as your business page.

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