Free website traffic and how to get it

Do want more free traffic to your website?

There of lots of things you can do to create free website traffic such as on-page SEO. If you are a WordPress user, you can use plugins to help you optimise your page.
I recommend Yoast SEO. There is a free version, and it will help you optimise your page for your keywords or key phrases. If you are using another platform just search google for SEO tools ‘name of your platform’.

Now to really create more traffic and leads

When you site is optimised to the best of your ability there is another key indicator to increasing traffic to your website. Links from other sites. I don’t mean directory links (although a few good one will help) I talking guest posting.

Writing content on other websites is a great way for a link back to you and make other customers aware of your services.

You will want to create blogs on websites/businesses aligned with your own. Businesses who will be serving customers that you want to reach. For example, if providing a dog walking service in your local area you will want to find dog owners in your area.

Dog owner in pet shop

What other businesses would dog owners use? Write down any relevant business that dog owners would use such as:

  • Pet shops
  • Vets
  • Dog grooming services
  • Kennels

Now you search for these services in your area and offer to write a guest blog post for their website.

If you are guest posting on other relevant websites, you are spreading the word to a wider audience. You will be also driving traffic to your website and helping your website appear higher in the search engines.


But what do you write your blog about?

The businesses you pick will have the customers you want to reach. A ready-made audience that you can promote your services to. You will need to provide value to these customers while also making them aware of your services.

For example, a dog walking business could write about ‘10 wonderful spots to walk your beloved pets. Or ’local safe open spaces where your dog can exercise’. You will be providing value to the customer and the other businesses website.

Coffe cup and free lable

You may think why would I tell people where to walk their dogs, I am a dog walking business?

People like free stuff, samples, and helpful tips. They will see you as an authority in your profession and someone who is passionate about what they do. Not everyone will want their dogs walked. The ones who do will want someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

But how do I drive them to my services and website?

Mention who you are and what you do near the top of your blog and sign off at the bottom with links back to your website. Include your contact detail’s too such as email and phone number

When linking back to your website, link the search term you want to be found for to your website. For example, If I am guest posting I would include the words’ Web Designer Yorkshire’ and make this the link text. I link this to a page on my website that is relevant to the search term, a page about ‘web designer Yorkshire’.


Approaching the Businesses

If you are a local service, you will probably already know the businesses. A dog walker would no doubt know there local grooming company and pet shop. So, pop in and start the conversation.

Make sure you let them know you are adding value to their website and business along with helping their website SEO. Who would not want that?

Getting Social Media Shares and even more Free Website Traffic.

When you wite a blog you share it on Facebook and hope to get a few likes and even better someone sharing your content to their friends. That’s great, but their friends may not be dog owners or even in your area.

What you really want is all the dog owners in your area to be exposed to your services. That way your content and social media page will be targeted to the people who are more likely to buy your services.

Writing favourable blogs on your own website about other relevant business can be a great way to get your businesses shared to a ready-made relevant audience. For example, write a blog about the wonderful services and products your local pet shop offers or a warming story about your local vets. Be creative and honest, include images and the businesses contact details.

Share this on relevant social media, the ones where the business you wrote about are active on. Tag them and let know you have posted it. Nine times out of ten the business will share it to their page. Exposing your business to their audience.

You have given them favourable exposure, created relevant content on your own blog, helping your SEO. Along with content to share on your own social media and something the other business will happily share on their pages.


If you have any questions about SEO, blogging or social media or any other digital marketing queries join my FREE Facebook group.

I’m Rob a web designer based in Yorkshire helping small businesses get the best from their digital marketing and creating crafted results-based websites.

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