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Free website traffic and how to get it

Do want more free traffic to your website? There of lots of things you can do to create free website traffic such as on-page SEO. If you are a WordPress user, you can use plugins to help you optimise your page. I recommend Yoast SEO. …

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Why website pagespeed is important

Pagespeed and why it is important

Why your website pagespeed is essential for any business If you are old enough to remember dial up, you will know of the pain of waiting minutes to connect, a slow pagespeed was the norm. When you did connect after 3 attempts you would wait …

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website design layout

Why a good user experience (UX) is essential for your website

If you are in business and have a website you will have possibly heard they phrase ‘user experience’ or it’s abbreviation ‘UX’. Many marketers now throw this phase around, many ignore it. But when you understand what it’s about you will understand how important it …

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Creating your own website

10 Steps To Do Before Creating Your Own Website

1. Creating a clear goal for your website. Are you creating your own website for your small business because you think you need one? Or you have you been told you have to have one to survive in todays business world. For most a website …

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Google Search Console

Install Google Search Console on a WordPress Website

If you have spent time on your website SEO, you will want to install Google Search Console. This will give you the tools to make sure that google is indexing your pages to appear in its search listings. By adding your website to googles search …

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Creating a small business Website Design

Creating a small business website is essential in 2021 With recent lockdowns and many businesses unable to trade, a website was a lifeline for many small enterprises. While unable to trade from bricks and mortar having a website gave many businesses the option to trade …

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How to use a Facebook business page: A layman’s explanation

When creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy, brands must first understand who is on the platform and how they’re using it. It is one of the oldest and most popular social networks, with approximatly 2.8 billion monthly active users. Facebook demographics by countries So what …

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How do I like a Facebook business page from my own?

Liking, sharing and commenting on business pages is all part of your digital marketing strategy. It is what social is all about. But how do you like a Facebook business page from your own? When commenting on business pages as yourself you are commenting as …

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Build your own website or use a website design company

Should you Build your own website or use a web design company Whatever size your company is, it is now essential to have a website, but do you build your own website or use a website design company? The yellow pages are no longer the …

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Content is king

Content is king, as long as everything is in place.

For example,Content is king Content is king but a website with lots of traffic is pointless unless your website is user friendly. Take 5, sit back and take a look at your website and its content and layout. If you were a customer that had landed …

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