10 things to check before launching your self build business website

Before you publish your self build business website Publishing your first self build business website can be so exciting, You have spent hours even days getting it just right. It will be the foundation of your digital marketing and represent your company online. Before you press the go live button make sure your site is READ MORE

The magic of Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation or SEO is simply the process of getting your webpages and content online via search engines such as google. Sold very much by many as some strange magical process, that only a small amount of people can implement.Truth is, it is quite a simple process. The difficult bit (for some) is creating READ MORE

Small business website design in 6 easy steps

As a small business owner, you are probably aware of the importance of having a small business website. A website can make you credible, professional and most of all, your services and products can be found by online searches. If you are at the first or early stages of the process you can find yourself READ MORE