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About Me

I design, build and market websites for small business owners.

Hi, I’m Rob, I believe that every business big or small should have a crafted, professional and responsive website design regardless of budget.

  • Are you a small business owner who wants more exposure on the internet?
  • Wanting advice and help on making your online presence stand out?
  • Are you continually on the lookout for tips, advice and the occasional push to help your digital marketing do more?
  • Unsure if you have the budget to achieve your goals?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, I’m here to help you.

Non tech talking creative who creates solutions that work.

Website Designer Yorkshire

When I’m not designing or looking at code you can find me hunting down the ultimate sausage roll which in my experience opinion can be purchased fresh from the counter at Morrison’s.

I worked from the ground up to become Creative Director of a Midlands based design agency. for quite some time, being creative for big clients. I realised that didn’t make me look forward to my day, so I decided to change that.

Now I help business owners look good and get found without the big price tag.

I was hatched in the midlands and moved to the North a few years back. I live in a little town called Whitby in Yorkshire, famous for Whitby Abbey, Dracula and Jet.

My background

If it was down to my school careers advisor I would now becoming home in overalls and covered in emulsion. As I was a talented artist and the so-called advisor advised me to become a painter and decorator.

I decided to ignore the professional advice and annoy my teachers by attending 6th form, to take my A level art.  How I was going to earn money? I thought. So, I opted for Art School and took a foundation in all aspects of the creative kind.

I then discovered my love for creating brochures, crafting logos, packaging, advertising and designing record covers. I took the design path as it all seemed quite trendy and oh look at me working with all these creative people. The fact I could actually get paid for drawing things quite appealed to me.

I passed my HND in graphic design, surprising as most of my art school days were a blur. Nothing to do with drugs. Just the amount of toxic spay mount, cow gum and marker pen fluid we invariantly inhaled why studying.

My first job

After leaving Art School I landed my first job working in a small print firm. Nothing like the big agency job we all dreamed of creating album covers for New Order, Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. No, I was creating logos for the local painter and decorator (who seemed to be earning more money than me) and a 6th form school end of term party flyer.

Within a few weeks the studio went all high tech, with three grey boxes appearing on what was once where my pantone markers, layout pad and pens once lived. The macs had arrived. My boss said, ‘this is the future’, we said ‘what are we supposed to do with these, we went to art school we didn’t train with NASA”.

I worked for a couple of companies until I found myself working for small start up that developed into a successful agency. I became creative director and had a team around me creating designs for blue chip companies.

This was all very exciting, driving up and down the country visiting new and existing clients. Creating visuals and presenting them and finally seeing the finished printed product. Walking into a store and seeing packaging I or the team had created, turning a page in a magazine and viewing the advert we had spent hours brainstorming,


The age of digital media marketing

Then it all changed. New buzzwords were being thrown around such as online, websites, AOL (Remember them) and being connected. If you didn’t get online, you were not going to be in business in the next few years

Many businesses spent pots of money having web pages created to help boost their business. Problem was they didn’t understand why or what they should actually do with this new form of marketing. Or even realise its potential. Resulting in lots of pages of text that were never even viewed outside of the company.

At this point I realised my creative director position was not fulfilling for me anymore.  I decided to move on to spend more time working with SME’s, micro businesses and sole traders who wanted to do more on and offline.


A graphic designer in the midlands to a website design company in Yorkshire

I moved from the Midlands a few years back to Yorkshire and I now create identities, design brochures and POS for the smaller businesses. As well as promoting businesses via digital channels I design websites and recently decied to take on a degree in Digital Marketing. I’ve been marketing businesses such as UKSOC via digital chanels for sometime so decided to get a qualification.

Digital channels give big and small businesses the tools to reach bigger audiences. Facebook, google, Instagram making purchases online are all now part of our everyday life. Streaming video, listening to podcasts, and making calls via video is now second nature. Searching for information on our mobile phones is a daily occurrence, we would be lost without these little devices in our pockets.

All these digital channels give us the ability to put our products and services Infront of audiences that we could never have reached without a big pot of cash. This is why I love digital.

I’m here to help create an identity for your small business, design a brochure or create you an awesome website and get it found through digital channels to create sales.

If you are looking for a website design company send me an email and we can meet via skype, zoom, facetime. Or we can just talk on the phone to see how I could help your small business get a bigger bite of business.

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