6 things to include on your website home page

Are you giving a great first impression when a visitor is landing on your homepage? Your home page is often the first page a visitor will see, making it one of the most important pages on your website. Here are 6 things to include on your website home page.


What Is the purpose of a homepage?

Your homepage is often the page getting the most website traffic. It should show your services or products, introduce your brand and create trust to the viewer.
A well designed and thought-out home page will lead clients to the information they are searching for, direct customers to the products they desire and create a good user experience.
So how do you create a well-designed and thought-out homepage?

Things to include on your website homepage

When creating your homepage, you need to include the following
1. An opening headline & subhead
2. Your products and services
3. Call Outs
4. About Us
5. Social Proof
6. Call to action (CTA)


1. Craft your homepage headline

Your headline needs to be engaging and reassures the visitors that they have landed on a website they searched for
Your headline needs to say what you do. Don’t try to create confusing, subminimal headlines. Keep it simple.
Include your USP (unique selling point) and create a subhead.

You have now drawn in your visitor; you need to create a call to action so they can take action.

Sign up today’ or ‘contact us now’ are clear messages to the user.

things to include on your website home page


2. Display your products and services

Now you have given the user an insight to your business you need to display your main services or products. Make them clear, easy to identify to help direct them to the page or product they are looking for. Your homepage should simply direct client and customers to the relevant information. Introduce each service with a heading followed by a brief introduction for each one. Add a CTA button to make it clear to the user where to click for more information. You will be directing the visitor to a more in-depth sales page for each service or product.

3. Add call outs

List the key aspects of your company, such as guarantees, the customers you serve, your locations or the areas you cover. Add the unique benefits that you offer.
What makes you stand out from your competition, display the added benefits and features that your rivals don’t.


4. About Us Section builds trust

Remember it’s about the customer, not all about you. So, don’t just talk about yourself, you are here to solve the customers problem.

You want add trust to show who the company is, what it stands for and to who. Let them know you are there for them to help them with whatever problem it is you solve. Gaining their trust increases sales, look at Apple they base all their products on user experience, helping you with everyday tasks.

Bonding with customers is important, the customer will only acre about themselves and their problems. So, don’t make the mistake of talking to much about yourself.

Include a brief section about your company is a good way to bond with new visitors and gain trust.


5. Build Trust with Social Proof

Customers and clients love testimonials when considering service and products.

Add a testimonial or two on your homepage so the viewer does not have to look far to find them. If your review is from google, yelp, social media or another source, add a link to it. This will give evidence that it is from a genuine customer.

Make your testimonials stand out and include photographs if possible. This will show potential customers you are a trustworthy business.


6. Finish with A Strong Call To Action

Add a call to action (CTA) near the top of your page, below the killer headline you created earlier. Keep it to the point and focused to one action. Think about what action you want them to take. Are you collecting email details to market your services to them, do you want them to look at an offer or simply contact you?

Some visitors will want more information before clicking your CTA. Just add another CTA button further down the page after you have explained more about your offer or service.


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