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Since the pandemic we have seen an increase on online searches and purchases; with free digital marketing you can gain some of that extra traffic.

Simply having a website will not cut the mustard. You need to be attacking every avenue to get your slice of the cake and keep the leads and sales coming in.

With free digital marketing you can can target users who are online via: mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. Reaching them through the many channels available such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat the list goes on.

Creating a digital strategy is key to boosting your online presence and driving leads and sales. But what is a digital strategy? It is simply thinking about why you are doing something before you do it.

  • Why do you want to do it?
  • Deciding what you want to do.
  • How you are going to do it?
  • What you expect to happen?
  • And how you will measure its success.

Using a mix of digital channels will help you reach your audience. I have put together the most used free digital marketing types to help you with your digital marketing campaign; to help you succeed.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the go to thing most small businesses and start ups use to try and drive traffic to their website. Achieving high rankings for keywords and phrases in the hope you will create sales and leads to your business.

Optimise your page in 60 seconds

By just having a website with basic pages you may find it hard to be top of the search engines and drive the desired traffic to your website. A page can take just 60 seconds to optimise when you know how.

This won’t suddenly put you at the sweet spot on google (page one, position one) but it will be one task done before moving to the next.

We are presuming you have written your copy and built your website. That done, pick your keyword/phrase and make sure it is in the main title of your page (H1), appear naturally within a H2 tag and appear naturally within the first paragraph (near the start) of your text and one or two time within your copy.

Make sure the URL also contains the title. (If you use word press this will automatically be done for you.)

That’s it, it’s optimised.

Download a free local SEO guide.


Content Marketing

My favourite form of content marketing is blogging. Combined with an optimised website this can the one of the most powerful traffic drivers to your website, and it’s free.

Just think of the web as land and a blog is purchasing a new house on that land. The more houses you purchase the more land you cover. The more chance you have of being found.

Just think of all the keywords and phrases you want customers to find you for. I want to be found for combinations of digital marketing, website design, website marketing, graphic design, creative logo design, graphic designer, small business websites, affordable websites, facebook marketing, the list goes on. I have a long list of keywords, phrases and subjects I want to be found for, so I write blogs around these, publish them and share them on social media channels and send snippets of the blog post to my email subscribers with a link to the post. More on email marketing and social later.


Facebook marketing

A business Facebook page is essential for businesses, it is the most used platform in the world. Don’t use a personal facebook profile for your business, keep that for your friends.

Facebook is a mostly a free digital marketing platform. As all social media platforms, it is used to engage with your customers and potential customers. Sharing useful information such as your blogs, polls to collect customer insights, ask questions, answer questions, share news items and other blogs that will be useful to you potential customers.

Facebook can be a powerful aid to your digital marketing as it gives viewers the option to share your contact to their friends. Free advertising.

Take time to reply to comments, even the negative ones and turn any that my happen into a positive. Showing you are taking the time to solve problems is always a winner.

Yes post links to your services but keep it at a 20/80 split. 20% selling. 80% all the other stuff. People will turn off if you just sell, sell, sell.

Sharing high quality content will persuade your audience of your expertise in your business. Gaining their trust is one of the most important long term goals of digital marketing.

Want to know about facebook?


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market your business.

We are not talking about sending out mass emails to unsuspecting people, that’s pointless, annoying, and now illegal. Not the best way to conduct your business.

I like to think of re-marketing, capturing the details of people who have browsed your website and keeping them in the loop. 97% of viewers browse and leave your website, and you will probably never have the chance to sell your services or products to them again.

By capturing their details you can create multiple chances to offer your services again and again.

First of all we want the viewer to leave a name and email address, we don’t need a heap of information. Just an email will give you the power to keep in touch and let them know about your latest developments, new products or services, and send them valuable information.

To capture their details you need to give them something in return, a free download, % off your products. A useful PDF download can work well if you are giving valuable information. I offer a free PDF book on local SEO success, giving the user insights on how to get their website found locally via google etc.

Now go and create a free account with MailChimp. It is an an email marketing platform that gives you the tools and templates to create marketing emails you can send to your subscribers with a click of a button.

You will find lots of tools to create forms you can add to your website and collect email details. If you are a Word Press user there are lots of plugins you can use to help you too.

When you set up your form, redirect them to a landing page with a link to the download some information on the services that may interest them. This will give you another chance to market your business to them.

Show them the features and benefits of your products and services. If they still do not contact or buy, you still have their information to mail them again later.

As I said earlier, it is now illegal to mass email users without their permission. Mailchimp gives you the option to add GDPR fields to keep you on the right side of the law.


Know your audience

I have put this as number 5 although it’s the most important. Working with small businesses, this is the one thing that seems to bore the pants off small business owners.

You need to know your customers; what they like, where they hang out online. Create a clear picture of your perfect customers and target everything you do to attract them.

Research is key, look at your existing customers and compile the data. Here are a few points you may want to consider:


  • Age  – you don’t have to be to specific, think teenagers, retired, students etc.
  • Location – are your customers in the local area or nationwide?
  • Spending power – no point trying to target an Aston Martin to a low earner, or a Skoda to a millionaire.
  • Interests – What social channels/groups/pages do they like and use. What television programmes do they watch, what other business do they like.

Tip: stalk their social media profiles, it’s surprising how much information you can find out.


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