10 things to check before launching your self build business website

self build business website

Before you publish your self build business website

Publishing your first self build business website can be so exciting, You have spent hours even days getting it just right. It will be the foundation of your digital marketing and represent your company online.

Before you press the go live button make sure your site is 100% ready. I have listed 10 things you should do before you website is revealed to the world.


Optimise your images

Slow loading websites do not fare well with google. We have a smaller attention span than a goldfish when it comes to viewing the web, so your pages need to download flash. If you don’t the visitor is likely to move onto another site for the information they are looking for.

Large images have a big impact on your website download speed so make sure you compress them. WordPress users can take advantage of the many image compression plugins available such a smush. A free plugin that will automatically reduce the file size of your images help your website load much quicker.

Check your website speed using googles free tool.


Make sure your website is mobile friendly

With over 50% of website traffic viewed on mobile, having a mobile friendly website is essential. Google also indexes mobile websites first, if your site is not responsive you could be losing out on having your pages indexed.

Check your mobile friendliness by checking it here.


Check your links

Not only should you check if all your links are working, make sure they are linking to the correct pages. This includes your outbound links to other websites and resources.

Browse your website and navigate around the site as if you were visiting it for the first time. Are the links easy to understand and follow?

Check for broken links with this free link checker


google analytics

Connect to google analytics

When your website is launched you will want to know how your site is performing.

Google analytics is free and relevantly easy to set up. An essential tool that will provide you with information such as how many visits your website has received, what pages are being looking at and which are most popular.

You can use the data to help improve your website, such as updating pages that are not preforming well.

Link to google analytics


Add an SEO plugin

SEO (search engine optimisation) plug in will help you make your pages index ready for google. Adding a plug in such as Yoast will help you optimise each page on your website using a traffic light system. Red being stop through to green for go. It is simple to install and use and takes you through each step of the SEO process, making sure your website pages are search engine friendly.

YOAST plug in is avaliable here


Test your contact forms

make sure you are receiving messages to your inbox by sending a message to yourself from your website contact form. After all the hard work building your website, you will not want to miss the all-important leads.

Is your contact form user friendly or do you have to select lots of checkboxes and choose options from dropdowns?  Keep it simple, most users on the internet want quick answers.


SSL Secure website

All websites must have an SSL certificate. Browsers like chrome block websites that don’t have a security certificate, flagging up a message that the site is a security risk. That will put most users from going any further.

Some webhosts now supply this as standard, for the few that don’t you can obtain a free SSL certificate from Lets encrypt


Update your CMS (Content management system)

Most websites are built on CMS software such as WordPress. A user friendly platform that allows you to easily make changes and updates to your website pages.

To keep your website running smoothly the software and plugins will need to be running the latest versions.



You will need a cookie acceptance on your website, it’s GDPR and is required by The The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) .

if your website uses cookies (which it most likely does), GDPR requires that you have a cookie policy and corresponding cookie banner to alert visitors.

More on cookies


Test your website everywhere

Test your website on every major browser and devices, such as mobiles and tablets. You may find certain elements don’t load or a page does not render how you hoped in chrome but works perfectly on safari.

Small tweaks can usually be made to make sure you website looks and runs beautifully whoever is browsing it.

Small business websites

Our small business website service includes all pre-launch checks listed here along with many others. With costs stating as low as £29.99 per month we can take care of the design, upkeep of your small business website.

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